6 of Our Favorite Custom Home Features of 2019

Moving into a custom home feels like you are upgrading your life. For maybe the first time ever you’ll sleep in a room that no one else has slept in before. Your kids will laugh and play in the backyard before anyone else. You’ll share intimate loving moments and delicious meals in a home that is all your own, designed specifically with you in mind.

At Mitchell Homes, we offer top standard features so that you can develop a home that fits your personality and lifestyle. We also allow for upgrades of your choosing so that each space makes you light up as you enter. Here are six of our favorite custom home features that buyers are implementing in 2019.

1. Outlet Upgrades in the Kitchen


When you build with Mitchell Homes, you will, of course, have outlets in your kitchen to run your favorite appliances. We also add a phone outlet as a standard feature. But one trend that’s picking up is adding in even more custom outlets.

If you have a kitchen island, you can add outlets there for easy use. You can also request USB ports to be included in your outlets so that you can more easily charge your cell phones while looking up recipes before cooking dinner. You can also add outlets that can be controlled remotely via your cell phone or other mobile device.

2. Front Porch Additions

You’ll notice that many of our home plans, like the Franklin, Harlow, and Oakton, come with a front porch included already. That’s because we know our customers want to relax in a rocker in the evening, chatting about their day, surrounded by their loved ones. But if this doesn’t come standard on the floorplan of your choosing, it can be added in at your request.

Regardless of whether you’re leaning toward a one- or two-bedroom home, a front porch may be the ideal addition. On top of expanding your living space, it creates beautiful curb appeal. This will be enjoyable for years to come, as you turn the corner and drive up the block to your home, but will also positively contribute to the resale value when or if the time comes to move, upgrade, or downsize.

3. Bathroom Countertop Upgrades


Your bathroom should be a place where you can start to unwind for the day and take a break from the day’s busyness flowing around you. It shouldn’t be a room you dread visiting, but one that invites you in, just like the other spaces in your home. For this reason, we’ve already included cultured marble one-piece vanity tops with large vanity mirrors in each bathroom. This is at no added cost to you.

However, if you have something particular in mind that would, as Marie Kondo says, “spark joy,” then let us know, and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Some trendy bathroom materials to incorporate include subway- or herringbone-style tiles or wood-like tile, as well as quartz and granite, which are both diverse materials. Have a vision in mind? Let’s find the right upgrade for you.

4. Kitchen Material Upgrades

Like the bathroom, another space where homeowners-to-be like to show their style is in the kitchen. One way to accomplish this is with the backsplash. Included in your Mitchell Home design already, you’ll have laminate countertops and backsplash.

When you think of laminate, you may initially be turned off. It might be hard to remember a time you’ve ever seen laminate look good. But not to fret, as amazing strides have been made in the last few years to enhance the aesthetic of this material. It also stands up great to stains and heat—important features if it’s used in the kitchen.

Since laminate is so durable, you may decide to select this standard feature but opt to show your style with the backsplash. Popular options in 2019 include stretching the backsplash all the way to the ceiling, opting for larger subway tiles, choosing a metallic sheen, and adding in color.

5. Single & Multi-Story Housing Plans


Kids love stairs. They like to play with their toys on the stairs, pop up and down from the living room to their bedrooms, and use their imagination to pretend the first floor is lava that they can’t touch without special shoes.

But if you don’t have kids in your life or your kids are under the age of four, stairs might not be the best option for your family. If you prefer an open floorplan, expect an older resident to live with you in the future, or just want to avoid a falling hazard for any number of reasons, then a single-story ranch style home is going to be your best custom home feature.

At Mitchell Homes, we have both single-story and two-story housing plans for any size family. We offer between 2-, 3-, or 4-bedroom plans that will have anywhere from 2 to 4.5 bathrooms. Our homes also come in varying styles, such as farmhouse, ranch, and Cape Cod.

Sometimes it’s those big decisions like floorplans that really matter most when it comes to designing your custom home.

6. Features for Peace of Mind

At Mitchell Homes, you’ll find custom home features you won’t find anywhere else. Our goal is to make custom home buying an option for any homeowner-to-be, and we’ve helped people achieve this goal by offering the following standard features:

  • 150 day price protection guarantee
  • No construction loan required
  • Closing costs are paid by Mitchell Homes
  • 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty
  • Building permit service by Mitchell Homes
  • And more

We’ve removed barriers to entry that exist for many and have created an environment where the custom home buying process is less stressful and more enjoyable. We want you to move into your new space knowing it’s a home you can afford and one you can’t wait to make memories in. No matter which custom home features you select, we can’t wait to help take you on this journey.