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7 trends in new homes

When building a home, you make a lot of choices. A process that is not always easy. You must decide where you want to build your home and how much you are willing to invest in the project. You need to decide things like what color to paint the walls and what features you want added to the home.

To help the process, you need to understand some of the current home trends. You have an opportunity to add value to the home and create the perfect living situation through the building process. As such, you should understand some of the trends in the housing market.

Social kitchen

The kitchen has undergone a major transformation over the last generation. The kitchen used to be a private place inside the home. Only the family would enter the kitchen, and guests would stay in the living room and dining room. These were all very formal spaces.

The open floor plan has changed the overall design of a house and the way people socialize within a home. Now, the kitchen has become the central part of a home’s activity, and that has led to what is often called the social kitchen. Many mid-priced homes do not include a formal dining room. They often have a breakfast nook or open kitchen that includes an eating space. A short set of stairs might denote a division between the cooking and the dining space, but in general the activity in the house is centralized around the open kitchen space. Entertaining also takes place around the open kitchen space. A TV might be hung in the area and the island is a perfect place for appetizers. The kitchen becomes the place where people converse and eat.

When designing a social kitchen space, you want to make sure it can accommodate multiple uses. You might have friends over for a football game one week, and clients from work the next. You need to consider appliances, counter spaces and other areas that can fulfill multiple roles.

In-law suites

The population in the United States is aging, and more and more households are becoming multi-generational. Today, 1 in 5 American households are multigenerational. Often that means aging parents are moving into their son or daughter’s house. To give parents some privacy, many homeowners are creating an in-law suite. The space can be a home addition or a converted garage, giving parents the ability to have a private entrance.

“Many seniors want to retain their independence but live in a more age-friendly environment,” said Todd Nelson, business development officer at LightStream.

When deciding to build an in-law suite, you need to start with understanding your parent’s needs. What accessibility challenges do they have? What will their needs be in the future? You also need to consult with the local government. Some allow them and other place restrictions on the design.

Bold colors

Grays and whites have been the dominant color style for interior design in recent years. Episodes of HDTV made the style popular. Now, color schemes are moving more toward bright tones. For example, Sherwin Williams 2020 Color of the Year is Naval, a navy blue. The color works well in a bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Terracotta, champagne, olive green and mango are also popular colors right now.

“Tiles, cabinetry, and walls all serve as opportunities for more color,” said Rebecca Breslin, of Wayfair.

In the end, you want to choose colors that are stylish but also fit your personality. If bold works, then run with it, but there is no reason you cannot stick with traditional colors if that is more your style.


Quartz is becoming a more common building material and in many cases is preferred over marble and granite. Quartz is usually an engineered product that is a blend of natural quartz and resin. Homeowners are attracted by the ease of maintaining the material and the wide variety of styles and colors. Quartz combines some of the textures of marble with the durability of natural stones. The material is being used for countertops in the kitchen and kitchen sinks. It is perfect on a kitchen island.

If you decide to add quartz as a building material, you need to start by choosing the color, pattern and texture. You also need to consider the application and the thickness of the material. You will need to work with your building contractor and the supplier to find the best material.

Growth of smart homes

Google and other companies are making it more affordable to automate a new home. Systems can now be added that automatically adjust the temperature, lights and security of a home. Many of the features can be adjusted outside the home through a desktop or cellphone. The goal is to save money and be able to have better control of the functions of a home.

It’s estimated that 32 percent of homes will have some form of smart technology in 2020. The users tend to be younger, but Baby Boomers are embracing the new technology.

More outdoor living space

The line between indoor and outdoor space within a home is blurring. According to an American Institute of Architects Home Design Trends Survey, outdoor space is the top design trend for homeowners. Many homeowners want a screened in porch, giving them the ability to eat and relax on the deck throughout most of the year. Also, the outdoor kitchen and gazebo have become more common in American’s backyards. The outdoor living space adds value to the home and increases the amount of inhabitable space.

Home offices

Telecommuting and the rise of the gig economy have meant more people are working from home. According to the US Census Bureau, the number of people working from home has increased around 5% annually in recent years, and the National Homebuilders Association estimates that one in five Americans work from home.

If you are looking to add a home office, you need to consider your needs and the space available in the home. Often times people convert a bedroom into an office, but some homeowners have been known to build an addition, specifically for the home office. Some building plans even incorporate the home office.


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