Window Treatments That Complete the Room

Window Treatments That Complete the Room

Buying a new home in Virginia can be one of the most thrilling, yet confusing times of your life. With choices ranging from brick, stone, and mortar colors to lighting and plumbing fixture finish, the sky is really the limit. One thing that people often leave until last is window treatments, not realizing that the… Read More

Upgrades to Make Your Bathroom a Luxurious Getaway

As the economy improves and people start to reinvest in their homes, bathrooms have a new focus for several reasons. One is the fact that an upgraded bathroom can increase resale value down the road, so an investment for your pleasure and comfort now can yield good results should you decide to sell your house… Read More

Interior Trim to Beautify Your Home

When you tour a historic home that has been lovingly maintained, one of the first things you notice is the sometimes-elaborate molding that frames the ceiling, runs as a chair rail around the dining room, or adorns the windows and doors. As people look into remodeling their home or embark on having a new home… Read More

Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Kitchen

We spend a lot of time in our kitchens between making breakfast, lunches, and dinners, not to mention family holidays like Thanksgiving that tend to center around the kitchen and the large meals that are the staple of them. Because of that, one of the rooms that most homeowners want to upgrade the most often,… Read More

Finished Basements or Unfinished: The Great Basement Question

When building a new home there are any number of decisions that you have to make:  what type of cabinets, what counters you want, flooring (oh the flooring!), and even whether or not to finish your basement. The last one is one that a lot of people actually don’t think of. They either assume that… Read More