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8 things new homeowners should have

As a new homeowner, you have a lot of responsibilities. You have to pack and move to your new residence. You have to organize and decorate your new home. You have to decide where to hang the pictures and which rooms to place particular pieces of furniture. It’s a lot of work.

You also need to buy some must-have items for the new place. Here are eight essential things that you will need for your new home. These are items that you can’t live without and will quickly make your home a happy, comfortable place to live.


Curtainsare often overlooked but are a key design element in any room. They add texture and color as well as privacy. When selecting new drapes, you must first decide what type of fabric you want. Cotton, linen and a linen-silk blend are three common materials. Cotton projects a casual vibe while linen-silk is more formal.

When it comes to patterns, you have a wide variety to choose from. It just depends on how you want the room to look. You can go wild with a print or more subdued with a solid color. New curtains will go a long way in establishing the look of your new home.

Shower curtain

Bathroom décor often begins with the shower curtain. The tub and sometimes the shower will require a curtain when you move in to your new house. When selecting a shower curtain, it’s usually good to begin by determining the amount of light in the bathroom. If there are no windows, you want to make sure the shower curtain is bright. You definitely don’t want a dark shower curtain in a dark room. You also need to decide if you want something festive or plain. Often, wild prints or cartoon characters are selected for the children’s bathroom. Something more formal might be more applicable to the master bathroom.When it comes to shower curtains, you can choose from a variety of materials. Nylon and polyester are less expensive materials, and cotton is a good choice when you want a more sophisticated look. You will have to decide if you need a liner for the shower curtain; often that depends on the curtain style.


As a new homeowner, you will likely have small home improvement projects. You might hang pictures on the wall or need tofixa small leak in the kitchen sink. At times like those, it is a good idea to have a toolkit around the house.

Toolkits come in all shapes and sizes. You can get an inexpensive toolkit that is already filled with a few basic tools. Expensive toolkits come with trays and wheels and usually require you to purchase your own tools. You most likely want to select a smaller one that is portable. You never know where you are going to need a tool in your new house.

Emergency Preparedness Kit

Emergencies happen, and it’s a good idea to be prepared. And this year has been nothing short of one big emergency – pandemic, hurricanes and fires. You want to put together an emergency preparedness kit that you can access quickly during a disaster.

To start, you will need a container to store your kit. It can be as simple as a plastic bag or an actual package that you purchase at the store. A kit should contain first-aid supplies, food, a flashlight, toiletries and face coverings. You will want to store the kit in a place that is easily accessible and make sure everyone in the house is aware of where it is located. You don’t want to be searching for the emergency preparedness kit when a disaster hits.


You will need to get up in the attic or hang a picture in your new home, so you are going to need a ladder. Ladders come in many styles, and the type of ladder you choose will depend on the task. If you are getting on the roof, you will need an extension ladder. A stepladder will work for most tasks around the house. It’s a good idea to have a couple of ladder types around the house so you can perform different tasks.

Light bulbs

Lighting is always important. You want to make sure you have enough light sources for your new home. This means you should buy an assortment of light bulbs. They are easy to store and will last a long time. That way when a light bulb burns out, you will be able to quickly replace it. You won’t have to go to the store and buy one after the light burns out.

You can choose from any size and style of light bulb. You will need to look at the fixtures in your home and determine the model. You can also select between incandescent and fluorescent lights.

Fire extinguisher

While nobody expects a fire to occur in a home, a person needs to be prepared. That way if a small fire occurs, it can be extinguished quickly. You should have two or three fire extinguishers in the home. There needs to be one on each floor and one in the garage. It’s also a good idea to have one in the kitchen.

Fire extinguishers also need to be serviced. According to the National Fire Protection Association, rechargeable fire extinguishers must be recharged every six years. Disposable extinguishers must be replaced every 12 years.

Garbage cans

You want to keep your new home nice and tidy, and that means you are going to need garbage cans and wastebaskets. You will need a garbage can in the kitchen and one in each bathroom. If you have an infant, you will also want to have a can in the baby’s room.

You have many styles to choose from when it comes to purchasing a garbage can. Many garbage cans are electronic and use mechanic devices to open and close. You can select the most basic design, or a premium one. It all depends on how you want the house to look.

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