A Guide to Choosing Between Stick-Built and Modular Homes

When deciding between a stick-built or a modular home, it’s crucial to understand the key differences in construction, costs, and long-term value.

Stick-Built Homes: Quality, Customization, and Financial Benefits

·      Built on your land, eliminating transportation concerns, and ensuring higher construction quality.
·      Constructed brick-by-brick and board-by-board, offering superior craftsmanship and customization options.
·      High appreciation in value over time compared to modular homes.
·      Mitchell Homes offers stick-built homes with no construction loan costs, no down payment, and covered closing costs for qualified landowners.

Modular Homes: Potential Issues and Considerations

·      Prefabricated modules assembled off-site, posing risks of transportation damage and quality concerns.
·      Upfront costs can be considerably high, with unforeseen set-up expenses.
·      High foundation costs for on-site assembly.
·      Limited financing options, potential full payment requirement, and challenges for first-time home buyers.
·      Difficulty in guaranteeing overall quality due to transportation and assembly factors.
·      Extra costs for land, foundation, electrical, plumbing, ductwork, and transportation.
·      Limited floorplan customization creativity and potential reselling challenges, leading to lower resale value.

The Mitchell Homes Difference

·      Mitchell Homes prioritizes customer service, respect, and professionalism.
·      Dedicated to building not just houses, but homes and lasting relationships.
·      Every home is constructed with the same care and attention as if it were for the builder’s own family.

In the decision between modular and stick-built homes, Mitchell Homes stands out for commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction. Choose a home that reflects your vision, appreciates in value, and becomes a cherished part of your life to make memories in the generations to come! Our homes are 100% stick-built, on your land.