Why Choose Us?

Quality Product. Exceptional Service. One of a Kind Financing Advantages.

These are the three areas that set us apart from other builders. We believe in providing a superior quality home that our customers are always proud to call home. This is accomplished starting first at the design stage of the home, continues through the products that we choose to use in each new home, the relationships that we maintain with our long term partner craftsmen and suppliers, and lastly through our team’s total dedication to ensuring that every home we build is built as if it were one of our own.

We have all heard horror stories of poor customer service in the building industry and in just about every other industry out there. We want the home building experience to be exciting and enjoyable for your family. After all, it is probably the biggest investment of your lifetime, an investment you want to protect. We will always do our absolute best to ensure that we exceed expectations when it comes to customer service. After all, you have placed your trust in us, so the least we can do is make your experience with us exciting, relaxed, and enjoyable.

Lastly, we want to save you money. We know you have other expenses to be concerned with, like buying furniture for your new home, buying that pool table to put in your new Game Room, or maybe you need a new boat to keep at your new Lake home. We get it and that’s why we are so proud to say that we are the only builder in Virginia offering you the opportunity to build with NO DOWN PAYMENT, NO CONSTRUCTION LOAN, AND NO CLOSING COSTS! This will save you more that you can imagine.