5 Custom Home Design Suggestions You May Have Overlooked

Considering custom home designs is an exciting process, but it can be overwhelming. It seems there are endless details to think about. What type of cabinets and countertops do you want in the kitchen? Do you want hardwood, ceramic, laminated vinyl plank, or carpet flooring? What type of lighting fixtures and faucets do you want? The list goes on and on.
5 Custom Home Design Suggestions You May Have Overlooked
In the process of sorting through these details, more important features of custom home designs can be overlooked. These are the features that may only be noticed later when you don’t have them and wish you did.

Here are five areas that are often overlooked when considering custom home designs.

Take Advantage of Technology

We tend to take modern technology for granted, but it hasn’t solidly found its way into all custom home designs. Things like the Nest, smart appliances, cat6 outlets, and plugs equipped with USB outlets, however, are becoming more frequent additions.

Consider each room as its own area. Think about what purpose and function you want that room to have. Be creative here. Don’t let your mind box you into thinking you only need extra electrical outlets in the office or hook-ups for your wifi just in the media room.

Instead, remember that as you start living in your home you may want to use your phone or iPad in the kitchen while you are making dinner. For that reason, it may benefit you to add USB outlets above the counter or on your island. You can also add a speaker system to listen to music or your favorite podcast while you’re getting your meal together.

Take the time to really think about each space and adjust your design plans accordingly.

Superior Storage

Can you have too much storage space? One of the most common deficiencies in homes is a lack of storage.

In most homes, in fact, there’s both not enough storage and a lot of wasted space. When working on a custom home design, think about areas that create wasted space. These include places like corner cabinets, Mudrooms, and deep cupboards.

Mudrooms are great areas to add stop-and-drop locker/bench areas, utility sinks, additional closets, and additional cabinets to store laundry supplies.

The corners of kitchen cabinets are another culprit that creates wasted space. Take advantage of those corners by building in Lazy Susan’s. Additionally, install pull-out shelves in deep cabinets so you can make use of the entire space instead of relegating it to lost items floating somewhere just out of reach.

Age in Place

Probably the most overlooked factor when creating custom home designs is what is known as aging in place. Aging in place is an important consideration for all, regardless of your current stage in life.

When creating a custom home design, you should plan on living there for a long time. For those with young children, aging in place is likely not at the top of the list. However, even those with young children have parents who are aging and may at some point require additional help.

By installing features that allow aging in place you’ll be able to stay in your home much longer. These include items like walk-in showers, raised height and elongated toilets, grab bars, wider doorways, lever door handles, and a level entry from the outside and from the garage to the main house.

Make Life Easier

Think carefully about the things that your current home lacks and would make your life a little easier. Perhaps it’s additional storage in the garage. Maybe you wish you could control your air conditioner from your phone.

Think critically here. Are there aggravations in your life that could be resolved by tweaking the design of your home?

Would a sink in the laundry room or a larger garage solve any ongoing problems? Would built-in shelves by the main points of entry help contain backpacks, shoes, and important papers? Do you enjoy baking? Consider setting up a baking station where everything you need is within reach.

Fold out drying racks and an ironing board in the washroom would be a convenient solution to keeping great function without taking up permanent space. A rack to hang clothes out of the dryer would also simplify laundry chores.

The point is, think carefully about what would make your life easier or more convenient in your current home, and then add it to your custom home design.

Occupy the Outdoors

It’s easy to focus on all the details that will go into your custom home and forget about the outside spaces. The first thing you see as you pull up to your new home is not the kitchen countertops or the amazing walk-in closets. It’s what surrounds your home on the outside after each long day.

But by putting a little thought in now, you will increase the enjoyment your new home will bring. Plan some landscaping in the front yard so your home is inviting every time you pull up.

Make a little room for a porch or back patio that includes comfortable seating. How about a built-in outdoor kitchen with a screened-in eating area?

Make sure you install the types of lighting that will make your outdoor living spaces more enjoyable. Yes, you want to have plenty of overhead lights, but you may also want mood lighting. Outdoor speakers that blend into the landscaping as well as overhead fans to keep the air moving will make your time outdoors relaxing and pleasant.

Take some time to think through these commonly overlooked custom home design suggestions. Look at your current home with a critical eye. What do you like? What do you wish was different? Talk to friends and family and ask them the same questions. The answers will help you create a broad picture of what you want to make sure you include in your new home.

When designing a custom home for the first time, all the details can be overwhelming. But at Mitchell Homes, our specialty is creating these spaces. You don’t have to worry that you might overlook something important because our experts will be there to walk you through every step of the process.