5 Questions to Ask When Choosing New Home Builders in North Carolina

Nothing is more exciting than getting your very own dream home built on your land. You no longer have to put up with the inadequate storage available, countertops that you don’t like, or floors that don’t go with your décor. This time, you get to call the shots.

From the roof and ceiling to the windowpanes and flooring, this is your home to build, and you certainly want to choose the perfect home builder in North Carolina for this job.

Building a home is a crucial decision. It’s an expensive and time-consuming affair. Once you have a vision of what you want your home to look like and contain, it’s time to get down to turning that dream home into a reality, and the only one who can make that happen is a home builder.

Type “new home builders in North Carolina” on Google, and you will come across several companies who claim to be experts at it, but are they really?

In spite of this being such a herculean decision, many people make the mistake of not doing enough research while choosing a builder. You don’t want to get yourself in an irreversible mess by going for someone who isn’t experienced enough or, worse still, isn’t registered or insured to do the job.

This is your personal project, and you must take a good amount of time assessing your options. Look on the internet and local directories, and speak to family and friends for references.

Once you have your shortlist ready, you should personally meet the builders and have a chat with them. To make life easier, here are five essential questions you should ask when choosing new home builders in North Carolina.


#1: How Long Have You Been in the Business?

Experience matters a great deal in this field. So the first thing you should find out is how experienced they are. Get a better idea of their reputation and qualifications by asking them how many projects they have completed so far, what their past projects were like, the financial stability of the company, and so forth.

Companies will throw fancy numbers at you, but don’t let that influence your decision. Dig deeper—ask for their past work references and get visual proof of the work they have carried out. You can also ask to speak to their past clients and get a first-hand review of their service.

What you need is a professional and experienced home builder who will offer exemplary service and collaboratively work with you on building your home.

This may seem like a lot of work, but it’s better to put in a few extra hours at this stage than to sign a builder in haste only to regret later.

#2: Who Will Supervise the Process On-Site?

While the owner of the home building company can promise you the moon, what you need to know is who will be supervising the project on-site. It’s important to be assigned a single point of contact so you can reach out to him or her for queries and concerns.

Insist on meeting this person before the company comes on board. It’s important to know how often you’ll be meeting him or her and your mode of communication.


#3: What Are the Costs Involved?

Coming to the make-or-break question—the costs involved.

Most of the time, the price a company estimates isn’t the final price you end up paying. So get into the details and flesh out every element the project involves—from the base price and permits to materials used, upgrade costs, and even tree removal if required. Ask for a comprehensive quote and ensure the home builder is transparent.

When it comes to costs, a common mistake homeowners make is going with the cheapest quote. This certainly should not be the deciding factor, because it’s better to pay a few more bucks than be left with shabby work or with a builder who can’t pay the subcontractors.

#4: What Does My Contract Include?

The contract you sign with the home builder is binding, so everything on it needs to be agreed upon and understood by both parties. As the owner, make sure you know exactly what you’re signing up for, and if there are any technical terms you don’t understand, clarify them before you lock yourself in the agreement.

The contract includes factors such as the scope of the work, which is a comprehensive description of the builder’s services, timeline of the project completion, and payment terms, including the cost and mode of payment.

There have been cases where, after the construction begins, homeowners wish to make a few changes in the plan. So you need to factor that in and ask the builders if they’re flexible regarding variations. If they agree, make sure it features on the contract.

#5: Do You Provide Warranty?5-questions-to-ask-when-choosing-new-home-builders-in-north-carolina

A warranty is reassuring, and you deserve to get that peace of mind when you’re working with a new home builder. Be it creaks in floors or a pipe leak, warranties are meant to save you from unforeseen issues that may occur after you move in.

Most of the structural warranties are valid for a period of 10 years after completion. So find out how many years of warranty your chosen builder provides and everything it covers.

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