5 Reasons to Build a New Home in Rocky Mount

The best part of building your own new, custom home is that you get to design a living space based around your ideal preferences. A major part of that is the location. Because building a custom home is such an investment, you’ll want to be sure you really love the area where you decide to live. This is what makes building on your own lot so special. You get to pick your land and love where you live!

Are you interested in living in North Carolina, but aren’t sure exactly where to buy your plot of land? Are you ready and looking for custom home builders in NC? One of many locations we like to recommend is Rocky Mount. Could this be the perfect place for you? Here are five reasons why it’s among the many cities we choose to build in:

1. It’s affordable. Rocky Mount has a lower cost of living, especially compared to other NC cities Raleigh and Charlotte and it’s less than an hour away from Raleigh, so you can still experience what that city has to offer without paying the high price and actually living there. Rocky Mount is also known for its friendly, small-town atmosphere, which you might not find in those larger cities.

Mitchell Homes Outdoors2. Access to the gorgeous great outdoors. When you decide to work with custom home builders in NC, you’ll surely want to live in an area that provides the beautiful surroundings the state is known for. Rocky Mount has incredible scenery to spare, which you can view from the various parks, trails, and lakes around town. For instance, Battle Park, the largest park in Rocky Mount, and the Tar River Trail both provide great views. There is also a scenic pedestrian bridge, which is one of the longest in the country, crossing the Tar River after leaving Battle Park.

Rocky Mount City Lake and Park is also a favorite spot located off Sunset Avenue at the Tar River. The lake is surrounded by a path for walking and jogging and features exotic waterfowl.

3. There are lots of activities for residents of all ages. This makes Rocky Mount a great place for families. In addition to the incredible views, the different parks and trails also provide space for recreational activities. For example, Sunset Park, Rocky Mount’s main park, has a carousel, as well as tennis courts, basketball courts, a boat ramp, and a skate park. Martin Luther King Jr. Park has a playground, swings, and recreation fields. Buck Leonard Park, named after the Baseball Hall of Famer, has a Little League baseball field.

There’s plenty of great fun for adults to enjoy as well, such as trivia on Wednesdays or open mic night on Thursdays at the Koi Pond Brewing Company. Or, if you’re looking for weekend plans, stop by the Tar River Flea Market Friday to Sunday. The space has over 200 vendors with both indoor and outdoor shopping areas and vendors can be found selling everything from fresh foods to antiques, clothing, jewelry, musical instruments, and household appliances.

Mitchell Homes Farmers Market4. Rocky Mount is brimming with history. As a matter of fact, many scholars believe that Martin Luther King Jr. first used his iconic “I have a dream…” phrase in Rocky Mount and Martin Luther King Jr. Park features a memorial to remember this legacy.

Rocky Mount also holds an annual Juneteenth Community Empowerment Festival. This year it took place at the restored Douglas Block, which was a social and business hub for African Americans from the beginning of the twentieth century through the 1970s.

Also restored was the historic Booker T. Theater.

Another recommended stop is Rocky Mount Mills, which is believed to be the second cotton mill in NC, and was the longest running one before it closed at the end of the twentieth century. Today, the historic structures have been restored and are available to view. Rocky Mount Mills is now home to several different restaurants and breweries, including the Koi Pond Brewery, and also hosts events.

Stonewall Manor was the center of a large antebellum plantation. It is now a great place to visit to learn more about the history of the south. This historic landmark is also a great example of the beautiful architecture that can be found in Rocky Mount. Don’t forget to take the tour.

5. Rocky Mount is home to The Imperial Centre for the Arts and Sciences, a 135,000-square foot facility that is a premier cultural complex of the southeastern region. The current center was built in the old Imperial Tobacco Company site and the old Braswell Memorial Library. The majority of the previous structures have been preserved, another example of Rocky Mount’s commitment to its history.

The Arts Center’s Permanent Collection features over 400 works, primarily by artists from NC and the southeast. There all types of exhibits throughout the year, as well as events, yoga, classes, workshops for people of all ages, and more. It’s also home to the community theatre, which has been a part of Rocky Mount for over 50 years.

5 Reasons to Build a New Home in Rocky MountYou can get involved with the community theatre by volunteering or auditioning for the various productions. The arts center has opportunities available for local playwrights, photographers, and artists. Or, if you have experience or interest in pottery, you can sign up for a Clay Studio membership.

This is also where you will find the Rocky Mount Children’s Museum and Science Center, which has great exhibits such as one on dinosaurs, a planetarium, and a live animal gallery. There are plenty of programs, events, and workshops throughout the year that’s both fun and educational.

So, are you thinking that Rocky Mount might be the place for you? Then secure your plot of land and meet with custom home builders in NC before building your dream home.

Mitchell Homes is a top choice in the region. In addition to numerous customizable floor plans and quality standard features, we offer the opportunity to build with no down payment, no construction loan, and no closing costs; a great deal that no other custom home builders in NC are able to offer! Couple this with the low cost of living in Rocky Mount and you’ll wind up saving a lot of money.

Not sure about Rocky Mount just yet, but interested in building with Mitchell Homes? We also partner with landowners looking to build homes in Newport News, Fredericksburg, Richmond, and about one hundred more counties, cities, and towns throughout Virginia, North Carolina, and Maryland.