5 Tips for Planning Your Built-to-Suit Home

When you’re investing in a built-to-suit home, there really is no wrong way to go about it. The final design is for you, so the only requirement is to make decisions along the way that will benefit you and your family upon move-in day.

With that said, there are some tips that can benefit soon-to-be homeowners that we’ve learned over the years. There is no wrong choice, but here are five tips that we know most buyers will appreciate when they’re looking to build their own built-to-suit home.5-tips-for-planning-your-built-to-suit-home

1. Say No to Closing Costs & Construction Loans

As you are intimately familiar with, it’s expensive to build a home, no matter how simple a design you desire. It likely took you years to save enough for your down payment and to feel secure in knowing you’ll be able to pay your monthly mortgage and yearly taxes. So why would you want to work with a builder who requires you to front even more money when there are alternative options?

While many home construction companies will require both closing costs and a construction loan, at Mitchell Homes, we decided to eliminate both. This decision helps even more people overcome barriers to homeownership!

Owning a built-to-suit home should be an option for anyone who wants it, and we welcome everyone to come and build a dream home with our team.

2. Make Sure You’re Offered a Good Warranty

Did you know that once you sign on the dotted line following your final walkthrough, in many instances, you are now fully responsible for any repairs to your home?

This means that if your roof leaks after two months, a water pipe bursts after one year, or your foundation cracks after seven, you are completely responsible for any financial outlay and have no one to turn to for help with the cost of repairs.

At Mitchell Homes, we feel so confident in the homes we build that we are putting our money on it, literally. With us, any carpentry fixes will be covered for one year, mechanical systems like HVAC and plumbing will be covered for two years, and structural issues will be covered for ten years.

Many home construction companies will provide a one-year warranty, but we’ve partnered with the best A+ company in the warranty industry in order to provide peace of mind for our homebuyers.

3. Add in Energy Efficient Features to Save You Even More

Buying a home is a long-term investment, and each month you’ll be paying to help it run efficiently. You’ll be responsible for your electric, gas, and water bills throughout the lifetime of owning the home. And while these are often thought of as fixed costs, Mitchell Homes does add in specifications that will keep these utilities to a minimum.

Here are the energy-efficient features that come standard with each Mitchell Homes house:5-tips-for-planning-your-built-to-suit-home

  • Maintenance-free and energy-efficient vinyl single-hung windows
  • High-quality central heating and air conditioning
  • Insulated 50-gallon, quick-recovery electric hot water heater
  • OSB exterior wall sheathing
  • Housewrap to reduce moisture and air infiltration
  • R-19 faced batt floor insulation
  • R-38 blown ceiling insulation
  • R-15 faced batt wall insulation

Each of the above is designed and implemented to help you save money on your home each month and keep your family cozy at home each day for years to come.

4. Upgrade Interior Features

The previously mentioned tips are all included when you decide to work with Mitchell Homes to design and construct your built-to-suit home, but if you really want to make it your own, focus your attention inside.

We’ve selected beautiful, lasting interior features that come standard, but a great way to add your own style is to work with our team and make upgrades that will have your house feeling like the dream home you want.

For example, flat-panel cabinets come standard in the kitchen and bathroom, but if you want ones with more detail—and have the budget—we can accommodate your desires.

Similarly, homeowners often like to upgrade the laminate countertops and backsplash in the kitchen to granite, quartz, marble, or another stone to add in color and have a real, stand-out talking piece as the center of their home.

5. Add on to the Floor Plan5-tips-for-planning-your-built-to-suit-home

Regardless of the modifications you want, most builders use an array of floor plans as a starting point. From there, you can either go with what is presented or request changes.

A great way to expand the footprint of your home and really make the outdoors part of your living space is to add on a covered porch, deck or patio. This is one of the most requested additions at Mitchell Homes.

Adding a porch to the front or back of your home will provide yet another space where your family can congregate at the end of a long day or in the wee hours of the morning over coffee, tea, or your favorite wine or beer.

Do you want to watch the sun rise each day or set each night? Let’s orient your home and then add on a porch to achieve this goal. We can also add screens so that no matter how many mosquitoes fly just outside, you’ll be free from the pesky bites while enjoying your new favorite “room” in your home.

When people think of built-to-suit homes, they expect a heavy price tag. Certainly, homeownership requires some upfront cost, but your want-to-haves may not be the barrier to ownership you thought they would be.

If owning a home that fits you and your family just so, while also checking off the items on your must-have list, is important to you, consider Mitchell Homes as your partner. We’ve been constructing for many years with countless satisfied customers across the south, and we can’t wait to work with you next.