6 Questions to Ask Before You Design Your Dream Home

When it comes time to design your dream home, it can be both exciting and nerve-wracking as there are so many considerations that go into making this important decision. You’ll want to be thorough and take all the right steps to ensure you and your family have a comfortable place to live for many years to come.

So, before you jump right in, take a step back and ask these six questions before committing to a home design, and just as important, a home builder.

6 Questions to Ask Before You Design Your Dream HomeFirst, how big is your family and how long do you plan to live in your new home? Everyone’s situation is different when they delve into the home buying process. Sometimes it’s a young couple who comes to us. They inherited land and are ready to start their lives together in a home of their very own. Other times, a mother with three kids is looking to settle down in a new community. And, just as often it’s a couple on the verge of retirement who is moving to a warmer climate and want a one-story home that doesn’t require a lot of upkeep.

No matter what your situation looks like, we will work with you to identify the best floor plan based on your plot of land, the size of your household, and your individual needs.

Next, identify what is most important to your family. If you have children, will they be sharing a room or does each person in your household need his and her individual space?

Would you prefer a two-story home where you can separate your main living space from your sleeping quarters, or would a one-story floor plan best accommodate your family?

Additionally, if you enjoy spending time outdoors, consider adding a wrap-around porch with screens to keep the pesky southern bugs at bay.

Once you decide on what is most important in the design of your dream home, then you’ll have a baseline for choosing your future floor plan.

Now that you’ve chosen your floor plan and it’s time to construct your home, you will need to decide on interior features. At Mitchell Homes, our eye-catching, energy efficient options come standard in all houses, but do you want any upgrades?

Take time today and see what a custom home in Virginia looks like.

Take the time to browse through home renovation and interior design magazines, visit some local building supply stores, consider what you adore in your friend’s house, and see if it is within your budget to upgrade and further customize your home.

For example, instead of brushed-nickel interior door hardware, you may prefer oil rubbed bronze. Or, you may want to switch out the laminate countertops for granite or quartz. Just these two changes are an affordable way to improve upon your kitchen design and increase the resell value of your home, should you ever decide to move.

Another important question to consider is, are you ready to advocate for what you need? When you work with a home builder, you need to ensure you choose the one you trust. The people you work with at this company will steer you down a path of decisions that will lead to the completion of the home you will live in for years to come and you want to be happy with the outcome. Home builders are intimately familiar with the process and what goes into it, but this is likely new to you, so you’ll be relying on the company as a knowledgeable guide.

So, when stepping into this adventure, do choose a home builder you can trust. But also remember that no one knows what your family wants and needs better than you do. There may be moments when you need to clarify those needs to ensure you end up with a home that is best for you. This step is just as important as any other in the building process.

Another great question is, what am I forgetting? There is so much to ask when constructing a brand-new home that it becomes easy to gloss over things that you don’t initially think are that important. You don’t want to wake up once you’re all moved in only to think, “I wish I would have . . .” So, here is a short list of the not so obvious things you may be forgetting.

     · Where you want outlets, both inside and out.
     · Where you want your laundry room (somewhere convenient, but not disruptive).
     · If you want a fireplace.
     · The height of your ceilings.
     · The width of your doorways.
     · Where you want extra storage.
     · If you want to add extra windows and/or doors for added light.
     · Depending on your plot of land, which way your home (rooms) should face based on the sunrise and sunset.

Also, really take the time to consider, what is the financial commitment? At Mitchell Homes, we help families build the home they’ve always wanted, without a burdensome financial commitment. You might wonder, “How is that possible?” Well, unlike some home builders, you are not required to get a construction loan, there are no closing costs, and many of our home buyers don’t even provide a down payment.

We even work with great lending institutions that will help families repair their credit to prepare them for home ownership and securing a mortgage loan.

While a home is still a financial commitment, the elimination of these common fees provides a smoother path to ownership.

As you step into the processes of starting to design your dream home you will learn that there are many more than six questions to ask. Make sure each question is answered and you feel confident moving forward during each phase.