How to Add More Storage into Your Floor Plan for a Tidy 2018

How to Add More Storage into Your Floor Plan for a Tidy 2018


It’s no surprise if your New Year’s resolution was related to keeping your home tidy. After all, the benefits of a clean home are widely known. Reduce the clutter in your house and you’ll reduce the chances of your family getting sick and facing allergic reaction.

Just as important, a clean home will noticeably alleviate your stress and anxiety and can even lead to improved physical fitness. So, by tidying up, you’ll actually be keeping several resolutions all at once!

Of course, this is all easier said than done; as the years go by, it’s natural to accumulate more and more stuff that you’re just not willing to part with yet. Everything from kitchen gadgets, to books, to treasured children’s keepsakes will all need places to go.

And while you may face a surmountable challenge if your home is already maxed out on storage solutions, you can seamlessly establish useful solutions in your newly built home, especially if you start with the floor plan.

Do your current floor plans take into account needed storage? Here are a few tips to add more storage space that will ensure a tidier 2018:

Add an Attic

The garage is always the go-to location when deciding where to put something that just doesn’t belong anywhere else, but that’s also why it’s such a challenge to find anything in there. And, where are you parking your car? Are you currently forced out to the driveway?

Adding an attic in your home will help alleviate some of this burden. Add a small nook above the garage, in the hallway near the bedrooms, or really anywhere your heart desires. Work with your home builder to adjust your floor plans to meet this need.

Consider a Three-Car Garage

You probably have a garage now? If not, that’s probably on your must-have list. But while you may have been hoping for a two-car garage, maybe a three-car garage would better suit your needs?

How many vehicles do you expect to park at your home? Even if just one, do you anticipate adding another in the next few years? If your ideal situation would include some room for storage while also parking two cars in the garage, a three-car option may be the way to go.

Slip in a Crawl Space or the Addition of an Extra Large Closet

A crawl space is something that’s less common in newly constructed homes, but is a small nook where you’ll need to literally get down on your hands and knees to access. While this might sound dreadful, if you expect any children to live in your home, a crawl space added into their bedroom might be the perfect solution for their toys or a fun hiding spot they can escape to.

Similarly, if you desire a larger closet, as you are establishing your floor plans with you home builder is the perfect time to put in the request. Simply say, “I see there are plans to add a small closet here. Would it be possible to make it larger?” Depending on your current plans, it may easy to add either depth or width to a pre-existing plan, improving upon the storage space you desire.

Make Use of Hidden Storage

While there are many ways to add storage into your floor plans, it’s also something you can incorporate as you move into your new home.

While you will likely bring much of your furniture over from your previous abode, when buying new staples, consider how else it could or should be utilized. For example, you might want a spare bedroom to double as an office and guest room for visitors. Then spring for a bed that will fold up into the wall or one that pops out from a couch (they are much more comfortable nowadays).

Similarly, raise your bed to store items underneath or get a brand new frame that has drawers build right in.

Then, add ottomans to complement the furniture you already have in the family room. You’ll instantly add extra seating when you hold your housewarming party or other gathering, and can store anything from pet toys to blankets or knick-knacks in there.

Add a wall-mounted cabinet where you can also hide your television and your home will feel significantly less cluttered than the last.

Get Creative With Shelves

Additionally, one of the best things you can do to increase storage space in your home is simply to add shelves. The great thing about shelves is that they’re extremely flexible both in placement and design.

Add shelving near your entryway can become the perfect place to hold keys and mail, and display family pictures. Then add some more in the kitchen to store cookbooks, coffee mugs, and family mementoes.

Carefully placing shelves throughout your floor plan can free up a lot of room and make your home feel significantly less cluttered.

If you have items that you don’t want in plain sight, such as filing cabinets or papers, you can set up shelving with drawers, and of course, you can choose shelves in pretty much any style and color now to match the aesthetic of your home. From large, stained wooden shelves, to sleek modern metal ones, your options are practically unlimited.
Think About Future Needs

While there are many ways to maximize the storage space of an existing area, you will have even more possibilities in your new construction home. Having your home built on your land from the ground up gives you a wide berth to customize your floor plan to your individual needs. Need more closet space? No problem.

When you work with home builders, like us at Mitchell Homes, you have the option to make tweaks to meet your family’s needs. And, since we’ve worked with so many families, if you share your storage concerns, we’ll recommend solutions we know will work for you.