Home Financing

Infographic: How Much 1% Can Save You On Your Mortgage

According to an April 10, 2014 Washington Post article, mortgage rates are up nearly 1% when compared to this same time in 2013. 1% may not sound like much at first, and it may not even make a large difference in your monthly mortgage payment. However, a 1% difference can make a big difference in… Read More

Is Your Credit Suitable for New Home Financing?

You and your family have finally found the house of your dreams. You may have been sitting on the fence, waiting for the right time to purchase your new home, but the last several years have been financially challenging. What will you do if you come across the perfect floor plan for your family and… Read More

What is a Construction Loan?

At Mitchell Homes we don’t require you to get a costly construction loan for us to build your custom home. But, just because we don’t require one doesn’t mean people don’t wonder about what exactly a construction loan is, or how it differs from a traditional loan from a bank that most people are used… Read More