How to Decide Between a One or Two-Story Home

The decision has been made; you are building your brand new home! Now comes the questions, what to do next? First, you have to decide who to build with, and Mitchell Homes is an ideal choice if you’re looking for custom home builders in or around Fredericksburg, Virginia.

When it comes to building custom homes there are many options that can come your way, which is why it’s important to pick builders with experience and most importantly, the company that will make your money go the furthest. Mitchell Homes is the only builder that can offer you the chance to build with no down payment, no construction loan, and no closing costs.

How to Decide Between a One or Two-Story HomeOnce you’ve figured out whom to build with, you can focus on the next question: do you want to build a one or two-story house? There are pros and cons to both choices and luckily Mitchell Homes offers plenty of designs for either option.

Your Neighborhood and Town

When building a custom home one of the best things you can do is look to the future: how will your house do on the market? Taking a look at your local real estate can help keep your home competitive and thereby making it a solid investment for your future. For example, if you live in an area where there are more growing families, then a second-story home might fit in best. However, if you live in an area where older adults are looking to retire, then a one-story home may be the better option.

After assessing your town’s real estate market, it’s important to look even closer at your specific neighborhood and land. Take a look at what sells in your area and what stays on the market. Consider the size of your land and see if you have the space for a one-story or if you need to build up with a two-story.

Knowing how the market works in your town and specifically in your neighborhood will help you make the best financial decision for your custom home.

Family Needs

Moving forward on a custom home means the choices are put into your hands so the next step is to figure out what your priorities are and that starts with your family.

Privacy: One-story homes tend to have large living spaces, as less space is allocated for a staircase, but this also means less privacy. A two-story home has more private areas which can come in handy for teenagers. This may limit the living space, but it will give everyone in the family a bit more privacy.

Safety: When it comes to safety for family members, a one-story home definitely offers a good option. For families with young children, a one-story takes out the danger of a staircase and allows for more kid-friendly zones. Similarly, a one-story home is a benefit for the elderly since stairs often become a hindrance and can cut them off from parts of the house, limiting their mobility and independence.

Noise: Sound control is another benefit to consider. With a one-story, there is less noise carried throughout the home as you won’t have people pounding up the stairs or hear the pitter-patter of feet as they scamper around the second story. Two-stories do offer more privacy, but as everyone is on top of one another, the sound carries more.

The Outdoors: If having a yard for your family is a big priority for your custom home, then a two-story home may be a better option. This is all dependent on how large your land is of course, but if you have limited square footage then choosing a two-story home with a smaller foundation will help open up space for a yard. Not only that but a two-story offers a potential view and that can be a valuable asset to your home. A one-story home tends to cover more square footage and may limit your options for your outdoor space.

Longevity: If you’re building a custom home, chances are you are planning to stick around for awhile, but taking a look at your family’s future can be beneficial when designing your home. For example, for a young growing family, a one-story home is the perfect choice for the short-term, but may be a problem as the family grows. So before choosing a design, consider how long you plan to remain in your home and what kind of custom home will best fit your needs.

Financial Considerations

Once you have assessed what it is your family needs, it’s time to figure out the best financial choice for your custom home.

The Build: Two-story homes tend to have an advantage in the building process since construction costs chiefly mount up in the excavation stages. With a two-story house, less excavation is needed. They have a smaller foundation and therefore this stage tends to be less expensive.

Two-story homes also have the added advantage of needing smaller roofs than one-story homes, which can save a great deal in the build. However, one-story homes are less expensive in construction materials and also have a quicker construction time, which makes them competitively less expensive in the overall build. Before beginning, it’s important to discuss the different stages with your custom builder to make sure that you understand the costs before breaking ground.

Utilities: Depending on your environment, it’s also crucial to consider the weather and how that impacts your home. It costs a great deal less to heat and cool a one-story home than it does a two-story and if you live in a region with extreme weather that can be a serious factor in your design decision. Asking your custom home builders of Fredericksburg, VA about utility costs for one-story versus two-story house can give you a better financial idea of how much your home will cost to maintain.

Choosing between a one-story and a two-story comes down to your life trajectory and what you need out of your custom home. When looking for custom home builders in Fredericksburg, VA, Mitchell Homes is there to assist you with your needs. Having a professional looking over your financials and you and your family’s needs can help you answer the question of which custom home option works best for you. Once you are able to establish what your priorities are, then you are ready to pick a design and begin the journey to your custom home.