Ask These Questions Before Selecting a Floor Plan

Have you ever walked into a home and fallen in love with one of the rooms? Maybe the kitchen is perfect. Or you love the open concept and the way the main level flows.

Then you head into another part of the house and all you can think is: what were they thinking? The bedrooms are small and cramped. Or you hate the design of the master suite.

Ask These Questions Before Selecting Custom Home Floor PlansBut what if you could combine elements from several of your favorite home designs together?

That’s the beauty of custom home floor plans. Everything is customized and you get the final say in how the layout of your new home comes together.

As Americans, we love the thought of building something and moving into a place no one else has ever lived. And new home statistics say we’re building at rates unseen since before the financial crisis.

New construction is the perfect way to get the best technology and energy efficiency on the market today. Customizing steps away from accepting a standard floor plan offered by a home builder, and tweaking it to create the perfect living space for you.

If you’re thinking about selecting from custom home floor plans, here are a few questions to ask first.

Where is my plot of land and how will this affect my floor plan choices?

Working with a custom home builder will allow you to construct your home anywhere. Want to build in the heart of the city? Or maybe you have a small plot of land just outside of town. Want acreage in a rural area? How about splitting off a few acres from your family farmland? Whatever you desire, it’s easy to make your dream house come true when you customize.

However, while your options are numerous, keep in mind that lot size, shape, and location will influence the floor plan you select.

For instance, a narrow, long lot will be more conducive to a home built up several stories.

You should also look at the surrounding area of the lot itself. Is it surrounded by trees? How does the sunlight flow across your property? Using this as your guide, you can select a home with a larger expanse of windows along the southern exposure to open up your space.

Also, be aware of any requirements or regulations that might be in place in the location you’re thinking about building. Homeowners associations can often limit size or demand specific elements be added to your new construction. Similarly, your local city or county ordinances may have easements in place, so ensure that you work with your builder to select a floor plan that is appropriate for your lot. You also need to factor in septic, well, and drain field locations when applicable as they can take up quite a bit of space on your property.

What do I want my lifestyle to be like?

Many people select their home and then fit their lifestyle into the house. But when you customize, you can ensure your home fits your lifestyle.

Are you an outdoorsy family? Do you hike in the summer, play ball in the fall, and have muddy, dirty shoes and equipment entering your home every day of the year? Then a large mudroom is a must.

Do you entertain friends and family every weekend? If your home party central? Then a large kitchen is mandatory to feed the crowd. And of course, you have to have an open concept living space. Why be separated from the action just because you’re pulling munchies out of the oven.

Do you need office space? Do you work from home as much as you head into the office? Do you need space to meet with clients? Or is high tech more your style? Whether you need a studio to operate your own podcast or just a place to file statements and mail, room placement is up to you.

What are your family needs? Are you planning on starting a family? Do you have teens who will be leaving the nest? Are mom and dad moving back in so you can help as they age? Custom home floor plans can add space unique to each of these situations.

The best place to start is by thinking about where you are today and what your family will need as they grow and age. Then look to a custom floor plan to fit your lifestyle for today and tomorrow.

Do I plan on aging in place?

Many people today are choosing custom to create their forever homes. And when building a forever home you should take into consideration your forever needs.

The age in place movement uses design to ensure your home is accessible no matter how life evolves. For example, one day you might suffer from sore joints and mobility issues, which would make it more difficult to climb stairs. If this is a likelihood, a single-story design is more conducive to meeting everyday needs.

Aging in place also considers how easy it is to get around. Are door frames large enough to handle wheelchair access? Are faucets and fixtures easy to use? How about installing walk-in showers with benches to sit down for comfort and safety?

Retirement doesn’t have to mean assisted living if you choose the right custom home floor plans to create spaces that work well for your changing needs.

How much storage will I need?

Want to know one of the top reasons people move? It’s because they run out of space. Their homes close in on them. Their storage options decrease.

When it comes to storage, you can never have enough.

When people live in a track home for any length of time, they often wonder why the builder configured areas in certain ways. Why didn’t they put a closet here? Why didn’t they add space there? They find gaping holes that would have been perfect for storage, and now it’s just wasted space.

Customizing your home lets you take up that wasted space. Add a closet underneath the stairs. Build a pantry just off the kitchen. Add in built-in storage to your master suite.

You can even take it to the next level and create unique storage options for the things that mean the most to your family. How about individual cubbies in the mudroom for everyone to have their own drop-off zones? Or individual racks in the garage to hold all of your sports equipment?

Plus, it’s a lot easier to keep your home clean when everything has a place.

Is now the right time?

Are you convinced that working with a custom home builder is the way to go? Let’s get started.

We take a unique approach to this process. We help you build the home of your dreams while maximizing your finances in the process. Learn more today and let’s get the process started.