Spring and Summer Bliss – The Finer Points to a Great Backyard

Anyone shopping for a new home or hoping to update their current home has a specific list of “must haves.” For some, it is updated appliances and for others it is ample storage space. For others, an outdoor living space is absolutely crucial. A great backyard provides a safe place for children and pets to play as well as a great place for family gatherings or parties.

The mild temperatures of the Mid Atlantic region make an outdoor living space even more of a priority for people shopping for new homes in Virginia, South Carolina, and North Carolina to name a few. Whether your backyard will be a playground for your kids, a place of serenity for your family, or party central for your friends, there are certain elements that make the space great.


Your backyard patio could be a key location for some of the more memorable occasions in your life. It’s a place for friends and family to gather for cookouts, a place where your kids will hunt Easter eggs, the place where memories are made, from baby pictures to senior prom pictures. When choosing a builder for your patio, there are several things to consider. How experienced is the patio contractor you are considering? Try to get a list of referrals from friends and neighbors. Your patio, once built, will be a major feature of your new home and life for years to come.


Fencing is another important feature of a backyard living space. There are many types of fencing available to choose from, including chain link, slat, brick, or white picket and more.  There are styles and fencing types to fit every homeowner’s needs. Carefully consider what you need out of a fence. Is it to keep pets in, pests out, give the kids a safe play area, or just to eliminate the observations of the watchful neighbors? Depending upon which qualities you are looking for, there is a fencing option for you.


Home gardening was popular in our grandparent’s day, but it is making a comeback among city and county dwellers as a sustainable, environmentally and healthy practice. To be able to grow vegetables and herbs to enrich the meals that you will enjoy right in your own backyard is a great advantage to outdoor space. You might also want to grow flowers to beautify the landscape of your backyard. There is nothing like getting your hands dirty to give you the sense of pride in being a land owner.

For whatever reason you look forward to enjoying your new backyard, make sure you investigate the best options that fit your style and needs. Fencing, gardening and patios are all wonderful way to ensure you and your family gets the most enjoyment from your outdoor living space for years to come.