The Ins and Outs of Landscaping for Your Home

Spring is upon us, and with summer approaching your landscaping can make all the difference in the overall appearance of your home. Many people put a lot of thought into the appearance of the inside of their homes, buying the finest furniture and appliances they can. Others work hard to make sure the house has a fresh coat of paint or that the windows are nice and clean. Many people overlook the impact a well-landscaped lawn affords your home. Here are some things to consider when it is time to improve the appearance of your lawn.

Cost of Landscape Design and Choosing a Contractor

When deciding on a landscape and design of your yard, keep in mind the cost it may entail. That koi pond with the five foot waterfall fountain that your wife has been dreaming of for her new home may seem like a great idea, until you get the first summer electric bill. If the price turns out to be too steep after the fact, you’re stuck with a dry monument in the yard with a few dead fish in it. You may as well park a Chevy Nova in front of your house and plant flowers in the back seat. Be sure to find a landscaping contractor or company who understands your budget and is willing to work within your financial constraints as new home buyer.

Vetting the Landscape Designer’s Credentials

Also make sure that the landscape designer has a good idea of what you have in mind.  It may be helpful to look at some of the designer’s previous projects to get a feel for his or her style so you can make sure it is compatible with your own.. You should have your landscaper provide you with a graphical layout of your new yard, and he or she should work with you to make changes and adjustments as you wish.

Making Sure You Can Trust Your Designer

It is wise for you to do a bit of background investigation on your landscaping company before hiring them. There are many questions you should ask the company and recent clients of said company. How much experience does this company have in domestic landscaping?  Do they offer a guarantee on the plants, lighting, and hardware they provide? Is there an on-going maintenance contract for upkeep and repair of that koi pond fountain? Because if the pump fails on that fountain, the smell of dead koi may overpower the smell of those beautiful knock-out roses your landscaper sold you on.

Whether you are shopping new homes in Stafford, VA or improving the look of your historic home in Richmond, VA, take some time to think about the appearance of your outdoor space and try to set aside some money to tend to it. Just be sure your landscaper understands your budget, your vision, and your taste.