Window Treatments That Complete the Room

Buying a new home in Virginia can be one of the most thrilling, yet confusing times of your life. With choices ranging from brick, stone, and mortar colors to lighting and plumbing fixture finish, the sky is really the limit. One thing that people often leave until last is window treatments, not realizing that the type of window treatment can really change the way the room looks. It’s best to start thinking about this particular décor feature early, so that you can truly picture in your mind what your rooms will look like.

Bamboo Shades

Bamboo shades are a popular choice for people who choose either an Asian-flavored or totally natural look for their home. These eco-friendly window treatments are durable, attractive and provide natural insulation. The durability is owed to the strong, lightweight properties of bamboo. The material is also fade-proof, so it is great for windows that get a lot of exposure to light. These qualities also make the bamboo shade able to block and trap heat so you can see a difference in the cost of heating and cooling your home. Bamboo shades are also good for rooms where you require more privacy. They allow you to see the outside, but people outside cannot see in.

Plantation Shutters

Few window treatments offer the classic look and benefits of plantation shutters. Not only are they extremely attractive, but they are energy efficient and they greatly increase the resale value of your home. They are low maintenance in that they are easy to clean and dust and they are permanently affixed to your windows. When closed, they block out light as well as outside temperatures. Open, they give you an option as to how much light you let into a room. Crack them slightly for low, comforting light. Open them all the way for full light and a view of the outdoors.

Custom Draperies and Drapery Rods

The sky is literally the limit when choosing drapery hardware and drapes. Hardware comes in a full range of finishes, colors and styles from the most basic and classic to ornate with novelty features and quirky details. Drapes and curtains can be made custom, or there are so many options to consider that you could spend a whole day pouring over swatches. Current trends include stripes, color layering and bold prints.

Choosing your window treatments should be fun, a time to let your imagination take over and let you design a room that is welcoming to guests, pleasing to the eye, and a place you want to spend time.